Company Profile


PT Megametal Perdana is a manufacturing company of equipments for the food service industry that founded in 1997.  The company which began as a high performance contractor and manufacturer, has evolved and growth over time to become a consultant and provider for engineering kitchen solution. Today, Megametal delivers a broad portfolio of equipment for the for foodservice industry and engineering kitchen solutions in retail, hotel, restaurant and the other field that base on stainless steel product.


Our mission is to give creative solutions that can be trusted with effective pricing for our customers. Together with our partners and customers we build a trustable environment, working together with mutual respect in the service. Solution and application becomes our criteria for product performance, innovation and trust.


Our vision is to be well known by our customers, partners and the community and we, as  professionals can be trusted and “enjoys working” with the industry in integration, communication and maintaining solution for their businesses.

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